Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Laying the Groundwork

Crew uses specialized drilling rig on the west side.

The first floor of the student commons takes shape as the preliminary foundation work was recently completed.

Throughout February and into March, piles were driven into the soil to provide foundational support for the structure, and to allow for the installation of various below-grade utility services including functional spaces for storage, mechanical/electrical rooms and crawlspaces.

In April, the crew encountered heavy rock conditions along the west side of the building site, which required the use of a specialized drilling rig to complete the subterranean foundation.

The ground floor began to take shape with the pouring of the first concrete slab on May 17. This work continued throughout May and into June while the west retaining wall along Waldo Avenue was erected. The final ground floor section was poured on June 12.

Throughout the coming weeks, the west retaining wall will be completed and concrete columns and floor slabs will rise to the roof level.
The last section of the first floor was poured on June 12.

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